Point of Care (POC)

There is bound to be gaps in care due to physical fatigue that comes with shift work, making rounds, and other pressures related to the work environment of hospitals. Health care professionals need smart, portable, Point of Care solutions for capturing and transmitting data, as well as routine communication. They also want technology to reduce demand on nursing time by eliminating waste in care resulting from inefficient workflows.


To close the gaps in communication, many hospital leaders chose to implement our Press Ganey’s Point of Care solutions as a means to better communications, increase efficiencies and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Press Ganey’s Point of Care solution expands the voice of patients by capturing timely patient feedback from any web-enabled mobile device. Connecting your top improvement priorities with rounding surveys and ongoing service intervention polling will help your organization achieve ongoing improvement.

By leveraging the convenience of mobile and desktop web accessibility, staff members have the tools they need to do their job more efficiently and take immediate steps toward improving the patient experience.


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