Why Measure?

Health care includes a broad set of actions by health care providers to maintain or improve the health of a patient. These set of actions vary in length, nature, complexity scope and scale, however they are all working in the same context; providing care to patients. In pursuit of optimal care that anticipates and meets the patient’s needs, many health care providers have turned to a more scientific approach of performance measurement. Pioneers in health care innovation paved the way for sustainable quality of service. Timely care, patient safety and other procedures are thoroughly documented. But can we measure empathy? Why would a patient choose another hospital after a successful surgery? In what part of this patient’s experience lies the gap between the care network and the patient?


The answers to many of these questions and others like them can be found through the patient voice. But, the health care industry has one of the most intricate internal processes, and most importantly, the most sensitive nature of all as it is dealing with people’s lives. Consequently, this industry creates tremendous amounts of data that are both a challenge and an opportunity.

The health care industry has one of the most intricate internal processes, and most importantly, the most sensitive nature of all as it is dealing with people’s lives

Improving Patient Experience in the Middle East

It is all about empowering you. We create a road map with every partner to help identify requirements for better patient care and prioritize them. We collaborate with our partners at every level of their organization; in whatever capacity we can be useful. As your trusted advisor for every engagement, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results, equipping our partners to grow and lead.


Our work enables partners to bring recommendations into reality. The implementation of our measurement, analytics and insights will drive operational improvement, and help align your workforce with best practices. Accomplishing better results across all levels of the organization requires a unified approach toward the pillars of patient experience: patient voice, physician voice, and employee voice. This notion of structural unity is the backbone of our services and sustainable results.

Raising the bar for quality health care, we will help you benchmark performance scores against peer hospitals participating in the surveys. By extension, the performance improvement your organization will accomplish can ensure you meet the requirements of surveys conducted by global health care accreditors for quality care practices.


Many health care organizations pursue different accrediting bodies to improve the quality and safety of the care they provide. Accreditations help hospitals improve their performance, raise the level of patient care and demonstrate accountability in the rapidly changing health care marketplace.

Benchmarking Insights and Opportunities

Ambitious policymakers, health care leaders, quality and safety professionals and physicians recognize the business value of measuring their organizations’ performance in improving the patient experience and increasing their competitive edge.  Press Ganey has built a database for benchmarking in health care. It includes data from institutions across the continuum of care.


Knowing where you stand today eliminates surprises, and capturing the voice of your patients and knowing the perspectives of your employees and physicians will help you focus resources on effective improvements. Leveraging Press Ganey’s benchmarking in health care, the leaders of hospitals and medical practices can more easily identify their performance relative to peer groups and competitors. With these health care benchmarking tools in place, organizations can:

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