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Employee Voice™  Survey helps send the right message; this organization cares about what its employees have to say. As improving the patient experience is the ultimate goal, listening to those who provide the care is the perfect approach to accomplish this objective. The common factor of all successful businesses with long-standing reputations is their unique culture. Listening to every voice is critical when it comes to instilling a culture of excellence as it is the drive that helps sustain quality levels, and culture is people’s behaviors.

This solution offers organizations the ability to:

Capture and integrate the voices of physicians, nurses, employees, volunteers and patients.

Have access to comprehensive, flexible survey instruments and intuitive, actionable reporting tools to provide partners with insights for more targeted performance improvement.

Better understand employees’ performance by benchmarking relative to peer groups and other cohorts.

The survey evaluates engagement and its key drivers in three primary domains including:

The survey evaluates engagement and its key drivers in three primary domains including:

Organization Domain

It evaluates how the organization treats employees, and how it is viewed in the community.

Manager Domain

Measures the performance of direct managers, and the individual’s job and the performance of coworkers and their work unit

Employee Domain

The overall performance of the work groups and issues associated with the employee and the job itself.

By measuring and looking at a multi-dimensional view across these three drivers, the solution provides deep insights into strengths and areas of opportunity to make the most significant impact on engagement.

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